week 17/18 ending 11/14

Monday 1/3 Choose a game of chance that you do not know how to play, but that you are interested in learning how to play. Let me repeat: This is something you want to learn about, not something you already know. In Canvas>Modules>Week 17/18 end of course You’ll see a Casino Games discussion forum Click […]

Week 16 ending 12/17

Monday Learning target: I can conduct a significance test about a population proportion. Some data collect and then how to formally conduct a significance test. Tuesday Same learning target. Some examples and notes Practice? Wednesday You’ll make a post of your work from a chosen exercise Cookbook Inference proportions Thursday/Friday We’ll finish watching Moneyball, unless […]

Week 15 ending 12/10

Monday In Class: Learning Target: I can estimate an unknown population mean based on the result of a sample (Confidence interval) Data collection to answer the question: On average, how many chips are in a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies? HO to complete Tuesday Notes on how to construct a confidence interval for a population […]

Week 14 ending 12/3

Monday Quick Kahoots review: using the David Lane Normal calculator <link> to find probabilities associated with the Normal Distribution New learning Learning target: I understand what a sampling distribution is and can describe the shape/center/spread We will watch this video Tuesday In Class Learning target: I can describe the shape/center/spread of a sampling distribution of […]

Week 12 ending 11/19

Monday In Class: Learning Target: I can draw a well labeled sketch of a Normal curve and use the 68-95-99.7 rule to find probabilities We will work through a couple of examples and then try a Kahoots as an exit ticket. Tuesday In Class Learning target: I can use a Normal Curve probability calculator to […]

Week 11 ending 11/11

Monday: Learning Target: I can identify a binomial experiment. Learning Target: I can use an online Binomial Probability Distribution calculator to find probabilities associated with the binomial distribution. I also have these calculators linked in in Canvas>Modules>Online Calculators Binomial Probability Calculator <link > Binomial Probability Histogram Applet <link > Graded Work: Canvas>Modules> Week 11 ending […]

Week 10 ending 11/5 (First week in Qtr2)

Monday Learning target: I can recognize, create a probability distribution, find an expected value. HO and an activity using a spreadsheet <link> Graded work: Create a game and calculate the expected value of your game Here is my example <link> You will share this in Canvas>Modules>Week 10 ending 11/5>Expected Value Discussion forum   Tuesday Learning […]

Week 9 ending 10/29 (End of Qtr 1)

Monday In Class: Learning target: I can find empirical probabilities We’ll complete some notes and look at some examples. Yeah, I am going to have you take some notes. If you are absent, I made this video spring when everyone was remote. <link> Here is a PDF of what I am going to go over […]

Week 8 ending 10/22

Monday/Tuesday In class Finishing this summary assessment:   Regression Analysis: Part 1 Choose two quantitative variables that you think may be associated. You can collect some data yourself or find lists on the Internet. Before you conduct any analysis, What association ( Shape, Strength, Direction) do you expect to see between the two variables? Which […]

Week 7 ending 10/15

Monday: No School Tuesday In Class Some warm up review Learning Target: I can use a LSRE for prediction. I can explain what LSRE means We will watch this video together <link> Then we will complete this activity <link> You’ll need an “approval” before you can begin. Sign in with Google so you can earn these […]