Finishing the Course by June 3rd

This course ends on June 3rd You need to finish the Plan a Funeral presentation. Want to present? You can also/alternatively Plan a Trip. See Canvas Then either Complete the research and development of the Final Project <link> or If you want to take a paper and pencil exam (I’ll get you a practice exam) […]

Week 14 ending 5/6

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Many of you are missing work. After Wednesday I am going to enter missing work into IC. Progress reports are pulled this morning. So if you do not have thi work completed by the end of class on Wednesday, your grade could plummet. Auto Insurance Scenarios Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile […]

Per 2: Week 13 ending 4/21

Why do you need Health Insurance? Google the following to find out the cost of these events: (Choose 1) The cost of getting sutures for a cut. The cost of a strep throat check+ the antibiotic to treat a positive test. The cost of a broken finger Cost of a broken arm Cost of being […]

Week 12 ending 4/15

Monday   The rest of the week · Learning target We will be able to calculate costs associated with Auto Insurance Claims · Review from last week: <link> Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile questions word problems. You need to submit 5 scenarios + answers. Each scenario needs to use two different kinds […]

Week 11 ending 4/8

Monday It doesn’t look like anyone watched the Card game video last week. We’ll do that today. HW If you owe anything from last week or held over from Qtr 3, (Car Project, etc), you have until Friday PM to turn it in. There will be no more class time to work on it. After […]

Week 10 ending 4/1 (First week Qtr 4)

Monday – Tuesday Buy a car project. This is detailed in Canvas. I’ll be here to help direct you. Wednesday – Friday I am not in school. You’ll need to have the buy a car project completed for Friday. You are going to submit the share link in Canvas > Modules> Week 10> Bar a […]

Week 9 ending 3/25 (End Qtr3)

Monday In Class Learning Target: I understand what a Credit Report shows and what a FICO score does for us as borrowers. What does a Credit Report Show? We will look at one of my credit reports from this Spring and then a video about Credit Scores:   Graded work for Wednesday (the day […]

Week 7 ending 3/11

Monday In Class Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest. HO compound-interest Then using this applet <link> HW Any missing work? Canvas Quiz on Simple Interest if you have not taken it yet. Tuesday Review of […]

Week 6 ending 3/4

Monday/Tuesday no school Wednesday Skill packet 1 is due today by 9 am. I am turning back graded work so after today, the best you can earn is a 50% completion grade. You’ll be wise to turn in whatever you have done. If you are finished with Skill Packet 1, I have Skill Packet 2 […]

Week 5 ending 2/14

Monday/Tuesday Skill Packet time 15 minutes each day Finishing the Living and Budgeting with Roommates. An in class activity. See Canvas Week 4 Wednesday   Skill Packet time (15 minutes) Finding a Bank to Grow with Two warm up questions : <link > What’s the Difference Between Checking and Savings? Kal Penn Explains You may be tempted […]