Week 4 ending 9/24

Monday Learning Target: I can find a five number summary and  draw a box plot. Kahoot! review of last week’s work with five number summaries and boxplots. If time allows, Learning Target: I can use side by side graphs to compare two or more distributions We’ll look at a couple of examples and then you […]

Week 3 ending 9/17

Monday In Class Learning Targets: Graphing quantitative variables: I can construct a frequency table and a relative frequency table     Handouts (in Canvas> Modules>Week 2 Graded Work Post a photo of the dotplot of a quantitative discrete variable from your data. Post a screen shot of: Frequency table and histogram of the Super Bowl […]

Week 2 ending 9/10

Tuesday Learning target: I can display qualitative/categorical variables using a pie chart and a bar graph. Graded work In Canvas two discussion forum posts with screen shots of your graphs. make sure to finish last week’s work if you are not done. After 2:30, the Collected Data Spreadsheet assignment is going to be marked as […]

Week 1 ending 9/3

Monday In Class: What is Statistics? <link> Another example of using statistics (We’ll watch a video clip in class) Class Expectations HW Sign your Course Expectations Tuesday In Class Learning Target: I can decide if a variable is a Qualitative (categorical) variable that is “nominal” (a name or identifier) a Qualitative (categorical) that is “ordinal” […]