Savings and Compound Interest

Either by yourself or with a partner, complete the Living Paycheck to paycheck activity and turn it in (Either on paper or Google Classroom) Here is a link to the interactive. Then we’ll watch Day 2 In teams, you’ll research and present three (3) different types of bank accounts to help you save and […]

Week 7 ending 10/13

Monday No School Tuesday Mad Minute : How they work in this course Learning Target: I can write the equation of a line in slope intercept form. Learning Target: I can write the equation of the line in point-slope form. Working on finishing the Handout from last week. Q11 – 18 Wednesday Our first mad […]

Week 6 ending10/5

Monday Learning target: I can evaluate a function by substitution. Learning target: I can discern whether or not a relation is a function. Learning target: I can discern whether or not a function is linear. Notes A Kahoot to check Tuesday Learning target: I can find the slope of a linear function Learning target: I […]

Week 3 ending 9/15

Monday: I can find a Selling Price given percentages to find percentage of mark up/discount and sales tax. HO Tuesday: I can calculate percentages of increase and decrease HO Graded Assignment in Classroom Wednesday: Review these two percentage skills Thursday I’m not here. Complete the double sided Pizazz worksheet. Friday Getting you ready for a […]

Week 2ending 9/8

Monday No School Tuesday In class Review Course Expectations and complete the Course Expectations Scavenger Hunt <link> Percentage Review Sheet HW Get the last page of the course expectations sheet signed. Due Tuesday 9/12 Bring your charged chromebook to class tomorrow Wednesday In Class StarMath test. You should be able to get this completed in […]

Week 1 ending 8/31

Monday Who am I? Sticky Note Activity I need to learn your names. HW: Who am I if you did not finish it. Tuesday Procedures/Classroom Expectations I’m still learning names. Time for some math, an applied Algebra activity Learning target: I can read a Paycheck Stub Learning target: I can calculate take home pay and […]