Week 23 ending 2/10

Monday Learning target: I can combine exponents with like bases. Note and HO Tuesday Same learning target More practice HO Wednesday Learning Target I can rewrite negative and zero exponents Notes and HO Thursday A bingo game for practice? Friday Graded Practice Summative Quiziz (It will be in Classroom as a link)

Week 21 ending 1/27

Monday Snowday Tuesday Learning target: I can find the selling price of an item given a markup/discount/sale tax Learning target: I can find the exponential growth rate / decay rate and the multiplier. HO and notes Wednesday Learning target: I can write an exponential growth/exponential decay equation Learning target: I can evaluate an exponential / […]

Week 20 ending 1/20

Wednesday in Class: Warm up: I can find the percent of a number Learning Target: I can identify when a relationship is exponential. Card Sort Notes for notebook No HW Thursday Warm up: I can find what percent a number if of a whole. In Class Learning target: I can graph an exponential function Notes […]

Week 19 ending 1/13 (end of Sem 1)

Monday I can graph a linear equation written in standard form using the x and y intercepts (AKA The cover up method) HO You can still complete the Writing assignment from before Break for points. All missing make up work is due by 2:30 pm 1/12. Tuesday Learning Target: I can graph linear inequalities on […]

Week 18 ending 1/6

All missing/make up work/re – quizzes are due by Thursday 1/12 @2:30 pm Monday Learning target: I can recognize a line written in point slope form Learning Target: I can graph a line written in point slope form Handout HW: If you never completed the RAFT writing assignment (See the paper HO from before break […]

Week 17 ending 12/16

Monday Jeopardy game reviewing Solving systems of linear equations by graphing Solving systems of linear equations by substituting (up to y=y) HW RAFT due Thursday: See Google classroom If we do not get through all of the questions during the game, try the rest of the questions on the HO Tuesday Some whiteboard work to […]

Week 16 ending 12/9

Monday In Class Learning Target:  I can graph a system of equations to find the solution HO with Notes for Notebook Mid Year Exam Review 1. Completing the three last questions, with work, earns you 3 bonus points on your mid-year exam HW Any MOM work that you want to complete to improve your quiz […]

Week 15 ending 12/2

Monday I’m not in school Complete either The online MyOpenMath>Algebra 1 Work>Algebra 1 Slope Intercept Form (50 Summative points) I recorded a how to video for each exercise. The paper review my Substitute will handout (25 Formative points) The answers on on the last page. You may do both if you desire. In either case, […]

Week 13/14 ending 11/22

Monday Warm up Go to <link> Get it done. HW: If you never finished the MOM Algebra 1: I can find the slope of a linear function/relation, you can still complete it for points Tuesday Learning Target: I can graph linear functions in slope intercept form and I can write the equation of the line […]