End of Year

My Key SA Vol Review PDF The Homes word problems Key PDF 5/31 Area Volume Exam Review Key_

Week 27 ending 3/16

In Canvas, get that MOM Trig Review assignment done. Make sure to write some work down so you can use it on the live quiz. If you desire, for 5 bonus points on the live quiz. In Google Classroom, complete the Trig Review QUIZZIZ. Again write some work down for anything that gives you difficulties. […]

Week 23 ending 2/10

Monday Learning target: I can show that two objects are similar using proportions. HO Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Learning target: I can find missing measures of similar triangles HO Friday Some kind of review activity. Another Quiziz? Kahoot?        

Week 20 ending 1/20

Wednesday Learning Target: I can identify these parts of a circle:  chord, diameter, secant, tangent, inscribed angle, central angle, minor arc, major arc Your table will add a definition and a diagram to this jamboard <link> Graded practice. HO Thursday Learning Target: I can describe some relationships between chords, centers and angles in a circle. Some explorations Friday Learning target: I can […]

Week 19 ending 1/13 (end of Sem 1)

Monday Slope Distance formula warm up Learning Target: I can use coordinate geometry to verify parallelograms and rectangles HO Tuesday Practice with yesterday’s learning target Wednesday Midpoint Warm-up Learning target: A can apply the properties of a trapezoid and midsegments HO Thursday Our exam period runs from 9:45 – 11:30 Practice with this week’s learning […]

Week 18 ending 1/6

All missing/make up work/re – quizzes are due by Thursday 1/12 @2:30 pm Monday Finishing your unit origami bowtie box Complete a Habits of Learning rubric Tuesday We’ll complete the January StarMath assessment. A good effort, work shown for most questions you did not rush through it, earns a 50 points Habit of of learning […]

Week 17 ending 12/16

Monday Review activity Recognizing Triangle Congruence patterns Simplifying squareroots (numeric) Using the distance formula Using the midpoint formula Tuesday Ready for a quiz? If not, whiteboard work? Wednesday Quiz on Recognizing Triangle Congruence patterns Simplifying squareroots (numeric) Using the distance formula Using the midpoint formula Thursday/Friday Here is Mrs B’s folding video

Week 16 ending 12/9

Monday Learning target: I can recognize SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA congruence patterns and state what Triangles are congruent.  HO Mid Year Exam Review 1. Completing the three last questions, with work, earns you 3 bonus points on your mid-year exam HW Owe anything? Look in IC This work if you are not finished   Tuesday […]

week 15 ending 12/2

Monday I’m not in school today. Finish creating your scoop sheet Get someone to verify your work and have that person sign off on it at the top of the front page. Make sure your name, as the creator is also there. Remember that if you both are correct and there are no errors, you […]

Week 13/14 ending 11/22

Monday Learning target: I can write a linear function in three forms, Slope-Intercept, point-slope and standard form We’ll keep working on the HO from Friday If you are all set and ready to test your understanding, out at MOM you’ll see Geometry: I can work with all three forms of a linear equation (no graphing) […]