Week 12 and 13 ending 11/23

Monday 11/15 In class: Learning target: I understand what a sampling distribution is and can apply the Central Limit Theorem to explain the behavior of sample means. We will watch these three videos in class: Then look at a couple of applets that demo this further. <link> HW: Anything that you do not have completed. […]

Week 11 ending 11/11

Because Thursday is the Veteran’s Day Assembly, and I do not think we are having class on Thursday, we are split the next chapter into two parts. Monday We will watch Normal Curves <link> Learning Targets: I can find probabilities associated with the Standard Normal Distribution and with a General Normal Curve. Graded Work Canvas>Modules>Week […]

Week 10 ending 11/5 (Week 1 Qtr 2)

Monday If you are remote also see the page Supplements Week 10 in Canvas Learning target: We will be able to calculate probabilities associated for probabilities that are binomial experiments. Review from Friday warm up (Binomial Probability Calculator <link> Learning target: I can use the mean and the std dev of a symmetric binomial distribution to […]

Week 9 ending 10/29 (Last Week in Qtr 1)

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (Updated 10/28) Learning Target: I can find empirical and theoretical probabilities. Graded work In the Canvas>Modules>Week 8> discussion forum, post your work and answer(s) to one of the unstarred exercises on pages 64-70. This is a completion grade. Challenge yourself. (20 points due by this evening @ midnight.) Complete the MOM ThinkDO Chapter 4 […]

Week 8 ending 10/22

Monday/Tuesday Finish Week 7/8 MOM Oxbow Correlation and Regression + quiz (due Thursday 10/21, turn in your work by the start of class on Friday 10/22) Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Learning Target: I can find empirical and theoretical probabilities. We’ll watch this <link> We’ll collect some data and find probabilities Once we are done with the data collection, Submit […]

Week 7 ending 10/15

Monday No school Tuesday Learning Targets: I can use a LSRE for prediction. I can find a residual and I know why the Least Squares Regression (LSRE) equation has that name. We will watch this video together <link> Then we will complete this activity <link>. Sign in with Google so you can earn these formative […]

Week 6 ending 10/7

See below for this week’s HW Monday In class We will watch this video Correlation <link  (Links to an external site.)> ·         Learning Target We will be able to use correlation as a measure of linearity. ·         Guessing Correlation Web Site <link > Graded: Screen capture your results after 5 rounds (20 graphs) and post them in in […]

Week 5 ending 10/1

Monday/Tuesday Finish the MOM  ThinkDo Chapter 2 ++ assignment. Also you are assigned this  Data Collection Project 1 .This is an outside of class assignment. It counts as a 100 point Summative assignment and is due on Wednesday 9/29 by class time. To help clear up some confusion about what I am asking you to […]

Week 4 ending 9/24

Monday : I am going with the assumption that you will be picking pumpkins and not be in class. Tuesday Remember that this is a short class as I need to leave @ 2. If you want to go home early and are not 18, you’ll need to bring a note to Mrs Darby. Otherwise […]

Week 3 Ending 9/17

Monday Workdays for last week’s work There is a quiz in Canvas>Modules>Week 3 that you need to complete before next Monday’s class meeting. Tuesday Learning Targets: I can construct a frequency table and a relative frequency table. I can  construct a histogram for a quantitative variable from my frequency table I can identify the shape of the […]