Week 33 ending 4/14

Major league Baseball Multiple Linear regression: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17cQhggNAeuJ9vWB4Ueu4Jw7E4HpOlnO7c1TlZmtKSrE/copy Thursday Incumbent 1 <link> Incumbent 2 <Link> Peanut Butter <link>  

Week 31 ending 5/11

Thursday Go play the free rounds out at <link> Make note of the error and the points earned. A collection of data from 2020 <link> Learning target: I can improve a regression model by straightening the data. Friday  Another Example? <link>  

Week 21 ending 1/27

Monday/Tuesday  Work days as I wrote in the email. If you are finished with the new material from last week, I have a Canvas>Modules>Week21>Quiz on one mean tests (includes a bit of confidence interval work like the last one did.) Wednesday Learning target: I can explain the consequences of making a type 1 error and […]

Week 20 ending 1/24

Wednesday Learning Target: I can conduct a significance test on one proportion Notes and examples Graded work due Wednesday 1/25 @12:08 PM A quiz, in Canvas, on interpreting a confidence interval and conducting a one prop z test of significance. Thursday Some more examples? Learning Target: I can explain, in context, what a Type one […]

Week 19 ending 1/13 (end of Sem 1)

Monday Learning target: I can conduct a significance test for one proportion. Some data collect and then how to formally conduct a significance test. We will do this by hand and by using  the Rossman Chance site <link> and using a graphing calculator When I ask you to state your decision in terms of the […]

Week 18 ending 1/6

You are working on your exam and review. Each day Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday we’ll spend part of the class doing a review activity. Then you can have the rest of the class to get the MOM review completed it you want the bonus points. The two part exam, in Canvas, is due by Friday night at midnight. […]

Week 17 ending 12/16 was Week 16 ending 12/9

Monday – Thursday Last Week’s work You’ll also see the Mid-Year Exam work available in Canvas. We’ll do some targeted review 1/2 and 1/3. Unless you do not want it. The exam is all in Canvas and is due at midnight Friday night 1/6. If you need an extension due to procrastination, you lose 20 […]

week 15 ending 12/2

Monday I’m not here today. Get any work that you owe me from the last couple of weeks finished Tuesday Learning Target: I can apply sampling distributions to estimate an unknown population proportion. Capture/Recapture In class activity/data collection No HW Wednesday/Thursday? Cookbook Confidence Intervals for estimating Population proportions. Finding a sample size to fit a […]

Week 13 and 14 ending 11/22

Monday 11/14 In class: Learning target: I understand what a sampling distribution is and can apply the Central Limit Theorem to explain the behavior of sample means. We will watch these three videos in class: Then look at a couple of applets that demo this further. <link> HW: Anything that you do not have completed. […]

Statistics Week 12 ending 11/10

All week. Quiz on discrete probability distributions is due Monday Exam on Probabilities (Chapter 4, 5 and 6.2) due by Friday night at Midnight. This includes getting me any required work. New material on Monday 11/14