Stats Week 7

Week 3 ending 9/15

Monday We watched Parameters measure populations Statistics measure Samples Some more review Tuesday I can draw a SRS from a sampling frame. Working on Canvas>Modules>Week 3 ending 9/15>ThinkDo Chapter 1 Wednesday/Thursday In Canvas Complete the Chapter 1 assignment If you are ready Completed the two part Quiz 1 Friday Questions? Get get the two […]

Week 2 ending 9/2

Monday No School Tuesday Graded You need to create some data. For this week, I want you to create a google spreadsheet¬† In your spreadsheet, create the following data. You can make this up off the top of your head, find lists online, collect data from individuals. You need:30 individuals or subjects. Why a sample […]

Week 1 ending 8/31

Monday 8/28 In Class: What is Statistics? <link> First Data Collection Activity <link> HW Tuesday 8/29 In Class: Learning Target:¬†We will be able to identify a variable and classify it as a quantitative variable and as a categorical variable. HO The rest of class: Learning Target: We will be able to use a spreadsheet to […]