Week 28 ending 4/1

Monday We’ll get into the MathXL for School web site We will explore StatCrunch If time allows, we will begin try to meet this Learning Target: I can create and interpret a regression model that makes a prediction from multiple explanatory variables. HW: Quiz from last week if you have not completed it yet. Find […]

Week 27 ending 3/25 (End of QTR 3)

Monday Review/Prep for Quiz on Chi-Square testing and ANOVA along with a post hoc test HW Quiz on this material (Due Wednesday 3/30). Get it completed by Friday and I’ll include it on Quarter 3 if it does not hurt your grade Tuesday Questions? Assigned: Find a Study HW Find a Study Quiz Wednesday I […]

Week 25 ending 3/11

Monday I’m not here for class. Get the MOM ANOVA work done and choose a discussion forum problem and complete it, posting your work and screenshots of calculator results in the Week 25 Discussion forum. Tuesday In class Learning Target: We will be able to identify when to use a .(chi square pronounced “ ki” […]

Week 24/25 ending 3/11

Monday/Tuesday no school Wednesday 3/2 In Class Learning Target: I can conduct an ANOVA test to see if there is any difference between the means of three or more populations. We will watch these 3 videos and complete the anova notes In case you are absent that link will take you to the notes page. I’ll give […]

Week 23 ending 2-18

Monday Learning target: I can conduct and interpret a two proportion z test and construct and interpret a confidence interval to estimate the diffeence between two population proportions. Some examples and paper practice Paper practice <Answers > Tuesday Canvas>Modules>Week 23 ending 2/18 >  MOM Two prop Exercises  Wednesday/Thursday Review for quiz Friday Quiz in Canvas is Due […]

Week 22 ending 2/11

Monday Work day as promised. If you already have the quiz completed, you can have a study hall. Tuesday/Wednesday In class: Learning Target: We will be able to conduct tests of significance, construct confidence intervals to make inferences about the differences between two populations. Specifically we will learn how to conduct a Matched Pairs test/Confidence Interval […]

Week 21 ending 2/4

Monday Work day on Canvas>Modules>Week 21> MOM: One Sample t test If we finish: Learning Target: I can identify Type 1 and Type 2 errors and state consequences of making those kind of errors HW By Friday, make a post in Canvas>Modules>Week 21>Single Sample Hypothesis testing DF Tuesday Same learning target An application Working on […]

Week 20 ending 1/28

Monday Learning target: I can perform significance tests for proportionss. We will do this by hand and by using  the Rossman Chance site <link> and using a graphing calculator When I ask you to state your decision in terms of the “claim”, look at the flow chart  use that language. Graded work Reply to one of […]

Week 19 ending 1/21

Monday: No school for you Tuesday In Class: Learning target: I can calculate and interpret a confidence interval to estimate an unknown population mean This is the handout I am giving you in class Z vs T Confidence Intervals HO  We will work some examples together You’ll want this calculator also for the t-intervals <link> […]

Week 17 ending 1/7

Monday Skittles Spreadsheet <link> Learning Target: I can make an estimate of an unknown population proportion using a confidence interval HO and with some practice HW: If you do not have the exam completed, get it done. If you have questions, I can help during Second lunch (Your lunch/ My TA) or after school Wednesday/Thursday 2:30 […]