Week 22/23

Monday (1/30) Working on Average Value of a function and integral properties Tuesday (1/31) FTC Part 2 Wednesday PS 2 is due Time to work on FTC part 2 PS 3 out due Wednesday 2/8 Thursday (2/2) Finishing up FTC part 2 practice Friday (2/3) FTC part 1 derivative of an integral Don’t forget to […]

Week 21 ending 1/27

Updated 1/25 Monday Snow Day Tuesday:  In Class: Finishing up the MathXLForSchool assignment. Complete the practice quiz if you desire. Question 4 could very well be a trapezoid, not a triangle so be prepared Here is my Practice Daily Quiz Key HW Prepare for the daily quiz Completed Problem Set 1 if you do not […]

Week 20 ending 1/20

Monday No school for you Tuesday Exams p 3, 4 and 6 Wednesday Learning Target: We will be able to estimate the area under a curve using geometry and three different Rectangle Area Approximations and Trapezoidal Approximations. HW For tomorrow p 270 ex, 1, 2 By hand ex:  5 and 6 Use RSUM for #7 […]

Week 19 ending 1/13 (end of Sem 1)

You have time to get the review completed/ask questions/create you two sided sheet of notes. The exam review is due by Thursday 12:47 (7 minutes into the Per 5 study ) Your exam happens Thursday @12:55. This exam is timed (ends @ 2:25 sharp). Bring the graphing calculator you signed out so you can have […]

Week 18 ending 1/6

Each day this week we will spend part of class doing some targeted review exercises. Then, if you want bonus points on the exam, do these exercises. Calculus Exam Review: Chapter 4 Review assignment+ Standardized Test Questions from Chapter 4 Sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6 Review your work from Chapters 2 -3 Topics that […]

Week 17 ending 12/19

Monday Learning Target: I can solve related rates problems involving right triangles HO Related rates Triangle Problems HW: Work from November if you never completed that while you were in Spain Overnight: p 252-253: Ex 19, 22 and 33 Tuesday: Learning target: I can solve related rate problems involving Cones and Cylinders HO HW (Overnight) […]

Week 16 ending 12/9

Monday Learning target: I can use the Second Derivative test to identify a function’s concavity and to decide if a critical value of the first Derivative is a max/min/or neither HO Complete, overnight, p217: ex 35, 37, 38 Tuesday Learning Target: I can identify find inflection points using the Second Derivative of a function. We’ll […]

Week 15 ending 12/2

Monday I’m not in school today Make sure that you have the MathXLfor school Sec 4.4 completed. If you are stuck with that, go watch Stu Swartz L’Hopital Rule video in Canvas and either work on the HO or go work on that MathXlfor school assignment. I’m behind on grading. I’ll be caught up by […]

Week 13/14 ending 11/22

Monday Learning target: I can find optimum values of situations by applying derivatives. MMM examples HW for tomorrow complete exercises 1 -4 on page 139 (See bottom of packet pages) HW Daily Quiz 8 out at MathXLFor School on Sec 5.2. Due Wednesday Tuesday A couple of more important examples and finish p 140 – […]

Week 12 ending 11/10

Monday Some strange examples that we need to look at around finding extreme values using the first derivative (on that HO from Friday HW p 202 ex 19, 22 p 203 ex 23-28 Out at MathXLforSchool, you’ll see Daily quiz 8. It is timed, with two attempts and you need to get me your work. […]