Week 5 ending 10/1

Monday Chapter 2 Exam No HW Tuesday Review Chapter 2 Exam Learning Target: Card Sort: I can match a function to its derivative. If you want to watch a Mr Leckie video to prep for tomorrow Wednesday/Thursday In class Learning Target: I can find the derivative of a function using two types of limit expressions. […]

Week 4 ending 9/24

Monday/Tuesday In Class: Working on Section 2.4 HW: Complete this section and complete the Chapter 2 Problem Set. Due by Friday’s Class Wednesday/Thursday Start Chapter Review to prep for first chapter test. Review and Test Standardized test questions p 68, p77, pp 85&86, p94 + Red numbered exercise in chapter review starting on page 95. […]

Week 3 ending 9/17

Monday (9/13) In Class In class paper and pencil quiz assessing: I can  evaluate limits using the Rule of 4. I can evaluate limits at ?  and interpret the result. HW: For Tuesday, watch and take notes this video on section 2.3. Use Mr Leckie’s notes packet Tuesday/Wednesday In Class We will review the quiz […]

Week 2 ending 9/10

Monday No School Tuesday In Class: Questions about the rest of Section 2.1? New work Learning Target: You will be able to evaluate limits at ?  and interpret the result.  Section 2.2 Notes and walk through Start FDWK Section 2.2 HW: FDWK Section 2.2 (See Chapter 2 Assignment Sheet) Wednesday/Thursday/Friday In Class: Learning Target: I can […]

Week 1 ending 9/3

August 30th to September 3rdMonday Grading/etc  Calculus Course Expectations Flipped Classroom Resources What is Calculus? Calculus viewpoint vs Algebra Viewpoint HW: Watch the following video and take <Notes> You need to have these video/notes completed for Wednesday’s class. Tuesday In Class Graded Warm-up Factoring, Graphing Piece-wise Defined functions. Precalculus Review Learning Target: We can find […]