Week 30 ending 4/15

Monday Questions about Section 7.2 In Class: Learning target: We will be able to find the volume of a solid on a base. Sketch 1 <link> Sketch 2 <link> FDWK P 406 #1 parts a – d HW P 406 #2 parts a – d Tuesday Learning target: I can find volumes of revolution using […]

Week 28 ending 4/1

Monday We will look at the three exercises assigned out of the textbook on Friday. I knw I said I would post the answer. Sorry They are not here at home. We will complete a few more out of the textbook Complete the MathXL for School work Section 7.1 Due for Friday Tuesday Work day […]

Week 26 ending 3/17

Monday/Tuesday Questions? In Class: Learning target: We will be able to find a general solution to a differential equation by separating the variables. Working on Sec 6.1 A HO + here is my work sep deq key mmm HW: Finishing Section 6.1 PS 3 Due Wednesday Section 6.2 videos for Wednesday Wednesday/Thursday Textbook exercises for […]

Week 25 ending 3/11

Monday/Tuesday I was out Wednesday Questions about the MathXL retest review? Some practice questions on paper In Class Learning Target: Given a differential equation, we will be able to sketch the corresponding slope field and graphically solve initial value problems. MMM Handout of slope fields (See Moodle is you lose your copy) You can use […]

Week 24 ending 3/4

Monday/Tuesday no school Wednesday 3/2 A Chapter 5 quick review Complete the MathXL  review if you have not already done so for 10 bonus points on the exam. Thursday 3/3 Take the Chapter 5 exam. You may create a sheet of notes for this (Not my practice exam pages. If you want to copy them over […]

Week 23 ending 2/18

Tuesday has PS 3 due. Calculus PS 3 Key My graph for Q 3 <link> We will spend this week getting ready for a Chapter 5 exam. What day do we want to take it? Get the review completed from last week + the practice test I gave you last week Chapter 5 Practice Exam […]

Week 22 ending 2-11

Monday Since you had a long weekend Watch Mr Leckie’s videos. In Class Learning Target: We will be able to apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Working on Section 5.4 HW If you did not finish the MathXL Section for 5.3, get it done Section 5.4 Book work and MathXL work Tuesday – Thursday Workday […]

Week 21 ending 2/4

Monday PS 1 is due at the start of class <My PS 1 Key> PS 2 is due Monday 2/7 Questions? Review <Link> Finish up MathXL if you are not done. Tuesday Quiz on Sections 5.1 and 5.2 Wednesday Learning Targets: I can apply properties of definite integrals I can find the average value value […]

Week 20 ending 1/28

Monday Questions about Chapter 4 Exam? Learning Target: We will be able to estimate the area under a curve using three different Rectangle Area Approximations and Trapezoidal Approximations. We’ll look at some of Mr Leckie’s examples If you want to watch his video: HW Start working on the Textbook Section 5.1 Problem Set 1 is […]

Week 19 ending 1/21

Monday: No school for you Tuesday: Review the answers to the review work Complete the old Chapter 4 exam as practice HW Out at VTVLC Canvas. Complete the 04.08 Contextual Applications of Differentiation Exam. Due by Friday 1/21 by 8 AM. Turn in page(s) of your work. You wuill want to make a note in […]