Week 28 ending 3/24

Monday: Learning target: I can explain and apply a definite Integral as an accumulation function. HO Tuesday Learning target: I can work with integrals as the explain motion Notes FDWK p 386 1, 4, 7, 12-16 Wednesday PS 4 is due @ the start of class Learning Target: I can use FnInt to do yesterday’s […]

Week 26/27 ending 3/17

Wednesday 3/8 Learning Target: We can apply the Law of Exponential Change Due tomorrow p 357 #11 – 14 PS 4 out Due Wednesday 3/15 Thursday Same learning target: Applications  If you think you need more practice Here are my answers to the rest of the HO exercises <link> Due tomorrow p 357 # 24 […]

Week 24 ending 2/17

Monday  Questions Prep for quiz My Key Quiz 11   Friday My work to Daily Practice Quiz 12 Key

Week 22/23

  Monday (2/6) Questions? If you desire, for bonus point on Chapter 5 test, complete Standardized Test questions in sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 + the red exercises in the Chapter REVIEW (20 points on test, up to full credit) You can / should also attempt https://quizizz.com/join?gc=27463099 Tuesday Questions Make yourself a sheet of notes […]

Week 21 ending 1/27

Updated 1/25 Monday Snow Day Tuesday:  In Class: Finishing up the MathXLForSchool assignment. Complete the practice quiz if you desire. Question 4 could very well be a trapezoid, not a triangle so be prepared Here is my Practice Daily Quiz Key HW Prepare for the daily quiz Completed Problem Set 1 if you do not […]

Week 20 ending 1/20

Monday No school for you Tuesday Exams p 3, 4 and 6 Wednesday Learning Target: We will be able to estimate the area under a curve using geometry and three different Rectangle Area Approximations and Trapezoidal Approximations. HW For tomorrow p 270 ex, 1, 2 By hand ex:  5 and 6 Use RSUM for #7 […]

Week 19 ending 1/13 (end of Sem 1)

You have time to get the review completed/ask questions/create you two sided sheet of notes. The exam review is due by Thursday 12:47 (7 minutes into the Per 5 study ) Your exam happens Thursday @12:55. This exam is timed (ends @ 2:25 sharp). Bring the graphing calculator you signed out so you can have […]

Week 18 ending 1/6

Each day this week we will spend part of class doing some targeted review exercises. Then, if you want bonus points on the exam, do these exercises. Calculus Exam Review: Chapter 4 Review assignment+ Standardized Test Questions from Chapter 4 Sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6 Review your work from Chapters 2 -3 Topics that […]

Week 17 ending 12/19

Monday Learning Target: I can solve related rates problems involving right triangles HO Related rates Triangle Problems HW: Work from November if you never completed that while you were in Spain Overnight: p 252-253: Ex 19, 22 and 33 Tuesday: Learning target: I can solve related rate problems involving Cones and Cylinders HO HW (Overnight) […]

Week 16 ending 12/9

Monday Learning target: I can use the Second Derivative test to identify a function’s concavity and to decide if a critical value of the first Derivative is a max/min/or neither HO Complete, overnight, p217: ex 35, 37, 38 Tuesday Learning Target: I can identify find inflection points using the Second Derivative of a function. We’ll […]