Precalculus Week 5 Assignments ending 9/29

Monday In Class:

Random selection for HW check

·         Exploration: Transformation of Toolkit Functions Jigsaw-

·         Lippmann p 82-86: 1- 73 odds p 87 all

·         There is also a MOM assignment for this section


·         This work

·         PS 2

·         Watch this video <link> and take notes for Wednesday

Tuesday In Class:

Work day for Section 1.5


This work + PS 2

Wednesday In Class

Learning Target: We will be able to find and value the inverse of a function defined by a graph, equation, table and English.

·         Work day for Section 1.6 work


Section 1.6 p 99: 1 – 23 odds


·         Finish anything you do not have completed

Thursday In class:

Work Day


This week’s work

Friday I am out at a conference today.

In Class:

Work day.


·         Anything not finished

·         In Moodle, make a post to one of the Practice Exam Questions. You need to claim an exercise and then complete your work. Make your post in the Practice Exam discussion forum.  You can do your work on paper, snap a photo of it and upload it to the discussion forum. If you need some help doing this, see this video:



Precalculus Week 4 ending 9/22

Monday Problem Set 1 is due at the beginning of class

My work to PS 1

In Class:

·         Work day to finish Section 1.4 both book work and MOM

·         Working on the practice quiz practice test key


·         Anything you do not have finished

·         ps 2 <link> <link> due Monday 10/2


Tuesday  In Class:

Catching up if you have been slacking

Working on the practice quiz questions.

In Moodle, you will see a two part online quiz. Part 1 is a set of MOM style Questions

Part 2 are multiple choice. You are allowed 3 attempts. If you make an incorrect choice, you lose 1/3 of your credit.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday you are completing a paper and pencil show your work set of questions. Once you are finished, you may keep working on the online quiz portions.


Online Quizzes Due Friday

PS 2

Wednesday Workday
Thursday Work Day
 Friday  In Class:

  • Quiz day
  • MOM Section 1.3 and 1.4 are due and in the gradebook.


  • Finish the online quizzes if you are not done.
  • PS 2 due 10/2
Monday  In Class:

Learning target: We will be able to recognize transformations of toolkit functions and be able graph them and write functions to represent graphs.

Read Textbook pp 61-81 and/or watch this video:

All are responsible for this work:

  • Lippmann p 82-86: 1- 73 odds p 87 all
  • There is also a MOM assignment for this section (See Moodle)


Today’s work.

PS 2

Tuesday  In Class:

Workday: Finishing the book work + MOM exercises


  • This work if you are not finished
  • PS 2 Watch this video for Thursday and take notes


Precalculus Assignments Week 3 Ending 9/15

Monday In Class:

·         Mad Minute Factoring

·         Learning Target: You will be able to identify concavity, recognize max/min values and be able to state when a function is increasing/decreasing

·         Learning Target: We will be able to identify when a function is increasing/decreasing/constant from a graph.

·         Working on page 47-48 all odd numbered exercises



·      PS 1 Fa17 PC Due 9/18 at the beginning of class. If you need some help, check out my work for the  Practice PS 1 PC F17

Watch this video for Wednesday

for Wednesday and complete these notes <lippman 1-4 Notes>

Tuesday In Class:

Mad Minute Factoring

Log onto Moodle

Work day. Paper based problems + MOM assignment


Video and notes

PS 1

Wednesday In Class

·         Mad Minute Factoring

·         Learning Target: We will be able to evaluate a function that depends on the result of another function using graphs and tables

·         .Lippmann p 57:  ex 1-20


  • Working on MOM Section 1.2 + 1.3
  • PS 1
Thursday In Class:

  Mad Minute

  Learning Target: We will be able to write and simplify composite functions

  Lippmann pp 57-58 21- 28


  Finishing MOM Section 1.2 + 1.3

  Working on MOM 1-4

PS 1

Friday In class:

Work day

Any book work you do not have finished

MOM sec 1-2 + 1-3 and 1-4


Anything you do not have finished

PS 1

PC Assignments Week 1 ending 9/1

Assignments Week 1 August 31th to September 1st

Monday No School for you
Tuesday No School for you
Wednesday In Class:

  • How this course works
  • Grading etc
  • Resources
  • What to expect in this course


  • Go to >Precalculus> and leave a comment so I know you can navigate there. (Use your First Name Last Initial) Due Friday 9/1
  • Get the PreCalculus CE 2017 signed. Due Tuesday 9/5
  • Get your Acceptable Use Policy turned in to your Period 1 teacher ASAP
  • By Tuesday 9/5 Watch this video <link> and complete the Notes <link>
Thursday In class:

  • Building a toolkit
  • See Toolkit functions key
  • Learning Target: We will be able to identify transformed functions by the name of the toolkit function


  • See Wednesday
Friday In Class:

You need to be able to log onto your Oxbow Gmail account.

  • Set up your MyOpenMath Account. See <Link>
  • Complete Intro Assignment.
  • College Gen Ed Requirements


  • See Wednesday
  • Finish MOM Intro Assignment
  • For Monday Watch the video and take notes. See Wednesday.


Desmos Name Graphs

Fall 2016:

Your grade will be determined by:

You used no more than 25% linear functions

You used at least 4 other transformed toolkit functions.

You providing me with a link to your work by November 22nd

Here is my name <link>

and Amelia’s <link>

Here are your graphs from Fall 2016

Here are the ones from 2015:

These are the results from an assignment for my H Precalculus (Fall 2014) course where they had to use piece-wise defined functions to graph their name. They had not yet studied polynomials in PC.