Week 29 ending 4/8

Work days Mon – Thursday on Sec 6.1/6.2   For Monday: Watch this video <Link  > (The first 16 minutes. Stop when I start talking about derivatives. That is next year) and complete the next set of notes in the Notes packet.

Week 28 ending 4/1

Monday Learning Target: A can transform y=sin(x) and y=cos(x) to meet criteria We will investigate sinusoidal functions with this Activity <link> make sure to sign in using your Oxbow Google. HW Chapter 5 quiz if you do not have it completed. Tuesday Notes on Section 6.1 in Packet. Assigned: Optional but recommended In the Notes […]

Week 27 ending 3/25 (end of Qtr 3)

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday In Class Learning target: We will be able to solve application problems using right triangle trig Working on Notes pages 27-28. Here is my sec 5-5 key page 27 There is also a MOM exercise set in Canvas if you want to complete it (optional). HW Your trig identify video link posted in the […]

Week 25 ending 3/11

Monday Have you tried the two practice quizzes from past week: Angles <link> Sec 5-1 to 5-3 <link> Do you want to spend any time in class? If not: Learning target: We will be able to find exact values for tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant ratios We will look at exercises on page 22 All […]

Week 24 ending 3/4

Monday/Tuesday no school Wednesday 3/2 – Friday 3/4 In class Warm up activity: Finding and marking angles of rotation on a circle Learning target: We will be able to evaluate sine and cosine using points on a circle. Notes on page 14-17 We will also complete parts of pp 18 and 19. I am advising […]

Week 23 ending 2/18

Monday/Tuesday In class Warm up activity: Finding and marking angles of rotation on a circle Learning Targets: We will be able to convert between degree and radian measure We will be able to find coterminal angles in degree (this is review) and in radian measure (This is new) We will be able to work with […]

Week 22 ending 2/11

Monday In Class: Learning Target: We will be able to convert angle measure from DMS to decimal degrees and vice-versa. Notebook page 3 Here are my answers click on the image for a larger version Tuesday In Class: Learning Target: I can write equations of circles and find where lines intersect them. Notebook page 4a-5b.   […]

Week 21 ending 2/4

Monday In class: a 5 question pencil and paper test on part of Chapter 4 It will be like these questions on the review test (packet) Q 2 Q4 and a log graph: write an equation An exponential graph: write an equation either a half life or a doubling time question HW Get the online […]

Week 20 ending 1/28

Monday Work day to finish up the MOM Geometric Sequence section If you finish that up, work on the Chapter 4 Exam review in Canvas (Optional, worth a 5 point bonus on the Chapter 4 exam). You should also complete the paper practice exam in the back of the Chapter 4 packet. Here are my […]

Week 19 ending 1/21

Monday No school for you Tuesday Learning Target: We will be able to write and use exponential and logarithmic models models. Notes on page 61-64 Notebook work + MOM: Modeling with Exponential Functions In case you missed the notes in class, here is a video Optional Notebook pp 65 – 68. Here are my answers/work <link […]