Here is a link to all of the Data sets in the SMTW textbook <link>

PDF version of How To Lie With Statistics < link >

StatCrunch <link>

Assignments < link >

Online HW web site:


Descriptive Statistics

Rossman Chance <link>

Boxplot <link>

Frequency Table and Histogram <link>

Dot Plot<link>

Probability Distributions:

NormalCDF applet < link>

Binomial Probability Calculator <link>

Binomial Probability Histogram Applet <link>

Normal Probability Plot (Q-Q Plot) to test for Normality <link>

Statistical Inference:

One and Two sample Confidence Intervals and Significance tests < link >

A significance testing and Confidence interval apple with a few more decimal places <link>

Goodness of Fit Tests < link >

?2 Test for independence calculator <link.>

My Google Sheet for Inference for Regression <link> (Use the File>Make a Copy Feature to be able to edit this sheet)

Here is an online ANOVA Calculator that makes the work easier than entering the data into a grapher. <link>. This also performs post hoc tests.

Non-Parametric ANOVA replacement test <link>

Runs Test For Randomness: < link >

Another set of calculators <link> for

Mann-Whitney U Test Calculator,
Sign Test Calculator
Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test Calculator






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