Week 17 ending 1/7 and Week 18 ending 1/14

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday · Learning Target: I can apply implicit differentiation to solve  related rate type problems. HW MMM Related Rate Exercises See <link> If you want a Mr Leckie video for Section 4.6 Related Rates <link> Friday and Next week: We will do review and if you want to use classtime to complete the exam, you […]

Week 16 ending 12/17

How did the take home quiz go? We’ll grade it together. Then we need to decided to keep going with new material or do some review or take an exam this week.

Week 15 ending 12/10

Monday/Tuesday I have given you a copy of the VTVLC Segment 1 Review. You can find the answers in VTVLC  Canvas>Mod 4 Wednesday Dr Joe Cascari from WMCC will be visiting our class. We will run a Review Kahoot. Thursday/Friday Questions? Review? Take home test sec 4.1 -4.3  

Week 14 ending 12/3

Monday In Class: Review: I can apply the mean value theorem Learning Target: I can find extrema analytically AKA I can apply the First Derivative test. P 202-203 ex 15, 18,19, 21, 23, 27, 48 HW If you have the time and want to see how Mr Leckie explains this next section: Watch this video […]

Week 12/13 ending 11/23

Monday: Questions? Make a sheet of notes for use on the Chapter 3 exam tomorrow. Tuesday In Class: Chapter 3 test NO HW: enjoy a guilt-free evening of no calculus Wednesday  Learning Target: We will be able to find global and local extreme values using derivatives. Workday on FDWK Section 4.1 HW: Working on Section […]

Week 11 ending 11/11

Monday –  Thursday Finish section 3.9 Complete the following assignments out at VTVLC Canvas 02.07 Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (Rocket) 03.01 The Chain Rule (Rocket) 03.02 Implicit Differentiation(Rocket) 03.03 Differentiating Inverse Functions (Rocket) 03.05 Differentiating Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Rocket) Complete the FDWK Review exercises Over the long weekend, attempt the Practice exam, here […]

Week 10 ending 11/5 (start of Qtr 2)

Monday In Class Closing questions about Implicit differentiation. Learning Target: I can find derivatives of Inverse functions. We will work on the packet from MMM HW Finish up any book work that you have not completed. Some exercises from this packet Tuesday In Class Questions about derivatives of inverse functions? Review of inverse trig functions […]

Week 9 ending 10/29 (End of QTR 1)

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Trig derivative questions? In Class Learning target: We will be able to find derivatives of composite functions by applying the Chain Rule. Working on section 3.6 in the book If you want to watch Mr Leckie’s Chain Rule Video <link> HW VTVLC Canvas Quiz on Sec 3.1 to 3.5 Due Wednesday night @ midnight […]

Week 8 ending 10/22

Monday/Tuesday Precalculus Review I can work with trig identities Some examples MOM assignment in VTVLC Canvas Wednesday Learning Target: I can work with derivatives of trig functions. Notes and working on Section 3.5 If you want to see Mr Leckie’s videos <link> HW Overnight, start working on some of the Section 3.5 exercises. Any missing […]

Week 7 ending 10/15

Monday: No School Tuesday In Class: Warm up Questions? Learning target: I can apply derivatives to motion and marginalization. Working on Section 3.4 If you want to see Mr Leckie’s videos <link> and <link> HW: If you are not finished : Textbook work from 3.1 to 3.4 VTVLC HW quizzes 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 2.05 (Skip […]