Week 15 ending 12/2

Monday I’m not in school today Make sure that you have the MathXLfor school Sec 4.4 completed. If you are stuck with that, go watch Stu Swartz L’Hopital Rule video in Canvas and either work on the HO or go work on that MathXlfor school assignment. I’m behind on grading. I’ll be caught up by […]

Week 13/14 ending 11/22

Monday Learning target: I can find optimum values of situations by applying derivatives. MMM examples HW for tomorrow complete exercises 1 -4 on page 139 (See bottom of packet pages) HW Daily Quiz 8 out at MathXLFor School on Sec 5.2. Due Wednesday Tuesday A couple of more important examples and finish p 140 – […]

Week 12 ending 11/10

Monday Some strange examples that we need to look at around finding extreme values using the first derivative (on that HO from Friday HW p 202 ex 19, 22 p 203 ex 23-28 Out at MathXLforSchool, you’ll see Daily quiz 8. It is timed, with two attempts and you need to get me your work. […]

Week 11 ending 11/4 (Start of Qtr 2)

Monday Using nderiv Tuesday Warm – up p 193 ex 5, 6, 7, 8 Learning Target: I can use derivatives to find extreme values of a function Graded Practice FDWK: p 194 ex 11-29 odds, 30, 35-41 odds Due end of class Wednesday (We have a short class), do some HW Wednesday Practice review with […]

Week 10 ending 10/28

Monday – Thursday Workdays. Finish Section 3.9 HW This week will be review for the Chapter 3 test. You need to do these exercises: (people who do these exercises tend to do well on the exam) p 108: 36-41 p 115: 40-45 (Skip 43) pp 125-126: 53 – 58 + Quick Quiz at the bottom […]

Week 9 Ending 10/21

Monday/Tuesday Finish Implicit differentiation work Wednesday Quiz on implicit differentiation Signing up for MathXL for School If time allows, we’ll watch this. Otherwise, this is your HW Thursday/Friday/the weekend Completing Section p 178: 1–41 odd, 49, 51-53, 55, 56

Week 8 ending 10/14

Monday No School Tuesday Kahoots review to prep for Daily Quiz tomorrow Trig Derivatives and the Chain Rule You may create a sheet of notes to use. You cannot use your notebook. HW I am going to spot check the Exercises from Sec 3.5 and 3.6. Don’t forget them. You’ll get a zero on that […]

Week 7 ending 10/6

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Learning target: We will be able to find derivatives of composite functions by applying the Chain Rule. Note: This has nothing to do with case # 410 U.S. 113 HW FDWK Sec 3.6 p 153 3–69 multiples of 3, 50, 58, 62, 65 Skip 15 AP Style prep: 43–44 If you want some more explanation, […]

Week 6 ending 9/30

Monday Mad minute (practice) Easy, but important ideas: Learning Target: I can list the places on a graph of a function (and by looking at the equation)  where the derivative fails to exist. Learning Target: I can explain what local linearity means Then, more derivatives Learning Target: I can see where the derivative of the […]

Week 5 ending 9/23

Monday/Tuesday Learning Targets: I can find the equation of a tangent line that is parallel and perpendicular to a given linear function. I can decide, using derivatives, whether a curve has horizontal tangents. Work: 1 – 45 on HO. Here are my solutions Key HW: Get this completed for Wednesday Wednesday Review for Test 2 […]