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RSA Style Video

Posted on January 1st, 2013

This RSA style of making videos really perked my interest. I found it interesting that RSA is the acronym for the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. < link > It brought to mind the STEAM initiative I just found out about from one of the art teachers in my school < link >. I have a group of students who are working hard, but when it comes to a “test” they freeze. (This is not my PC class) Many have only had a year of HS mathematics either because they failed a year or did not take a math course during either their Ninth grade or Tenth grade year (or both). You probably are asking why not two years of math by the end of 10th grade? This is a good question, but I digress.

So I’m brainstorming ideas where these students can show me they have learned some math, but not have the word “test” attached to it. I’ve been heading towards having them complete work on a linear programming problem (graphical solutions only). I’m thinking that making one of these RSA type videos would be a wise use of time. Here is my trial. Sorry that my poor spelling skills are so evident. Skis….

I’ll let you know how this goes working with the students.

EdCampNH Notes

Posted on August 16th, 2012

Yesterday an Oxbow colleague and I spent a couple of hours driving to Concord NH to attend EdCampNH. This was our first edcamp. I did not know what to expect. A lot of sharing of ideas, apps for education and making connections. There were many fantastic people presenting. There was one guy @dancallahan who was one of those admirable people bubbling over with ideas about getting kids to produce using tech.

There were a couple of professors from PSU who did a gig presenting about paperless teaching with College level students. One of them shared an iPad app called iAnnotate It is a $10 app that lets you import different formats and then write on them, leave audio comments etc and then export the original along with your notes as a PDF. What a great idea for giving feedback on electronically submitted work from my online students! Getting a stylus and buy the app has set me back $23 but I think it  will greatly improve what I do.

I’m making this post for my future self. Below are the notes I wrote down. Note to future self: Don’t forget about these ideas.

Session: Teaching online with online text.

Notability hand writing
Rivervalley CC instructor shared:

A form for online students to keep track of course website log in.

Login for Moodle
email account used

Login for MML
Course ID
Email account used

Login for Wikispaces
Email account used

Web based video 5-7 min limit.

Use analytics to adjust what you’re offering students as learning vehicles.

LTI  Learning tool interopability

Session:  IPad ED

Dan Callahan Burlington, MA

What is a good app?

Pages +

Drawing Pad

Skitch for iPad and Mac

Explain everything

Persuasive essay screen cast

Use the Camera! it is what makes an iPad great. (Now should I have students make Paperslides or just make screencasts?

iMovie on iPad is a great tool.

Need some sort of video creation app

Book creator

Creative book builder

Notability for annotation turns link into ebook

Subtext group commenting on a document.

Socrative clicker software. (Installed on my iPad, check it out.

Session: Paperless class


They are not using Moodle/Bb. Class wordpress blogs.


Dropbox for kids to turn in work

Naming convention for files


Providing feedback on electronic work:

iAnnotate PDF reader writing stylus etc. if big help is needed you can do a screencast jing 5 minute limit. Software now has embedded.

For every 10-12 pages of reading the students have to tweet a thought about what they ate reading. class hash tag.

Tweetchat for cancelled classes or for help nights.

Storify archives tweets.

Google docs template to story tweets.

Session: Smack down

iAnnotate app $10

Book2cloud google


Mendeley research reference listing

Info graphics


Isle of tune

ways to share device

Appletv $99 projector with hdmi