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Change is good?

Posted on August 26th, 2013

We are dealing with our eldest leaving the nest, heading off to college. Man, all the years of sending seniors off out of my high school classes and I never knew what the parents went through.  I’ve been in tears every day, missing that little boy he was, but glad that he is ready to get on with his life. The house is very quiet without him here. I already have talked with my parents and through the tears told them for the umpteenth time I was sorry for being such a jerk when I moved out of the house. My son has dealt with this in a much better manner than I did.

One result of this experience is that I’m going to try to focus on building the relationships with my HS students that will hopefully get them to buy into learning the mathematics. I have always held the math first figuring that if I jump right into the course material that will send the message that we need to get down to business. So I’ll try something a little different this year. Beside the basics during these first three days, I’m going to have them respond to these questions:

What is one thing that you are excited about for this school year?

What are two concerns you have about what you’ll face either in this course or at Oxbow this year?

I am also going to use this icebreaker <link>

I’m always willing to change and do things better. I guess the year that I don’t feel this way should be my last year.