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How do you know what they know and what they can do?

Posted on October 22nd, 2012

Through Twitter, I came across this web site < link > and since my HS invested in iPads (faculty and 2 lab carts) this article < link >drew my attention. Scanning it, in the assessment section this author wrote:

  • Focused on persistent transfer (less focused on “tests”)

iPads cater to media consumption and production. Intentional instructional scope-and-sequencing will help promote transfer of standards-mastery through both consumption (reading, viewing, observing) and production (designing, constructing, executing)

At least in my on the ground courses, I’m more and more wanting to see how students think right now and not what they can recall on a test/quiz. In my Precalculus course this last term, I’ve given very few quizzes, getting the students to work a lot of problems in class. Where I’ve let them down this term: I’m not really sure they all understand what we’ve done this term. I’m confident that many have learned a lot. I can pull out the white boards and do some formative assessment but I’m still not sure what I’m seeing is what they can do and not what their neighbor has done.

I just that my focus during this next term will be developing ways to check for understanding. Whether this is a high tech solution or a old school quiz, I’m going to work on this.